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  • All-You-Need 12-in-1 Professional USB-C Hub
  • Enjoy 4K media with Type-C to HDMI, VGA or MiniDP port
  • 4x 3.0 USB ports for blazing file transfer
  • Enjoy your favorite headphones
  • Crafted for your utmost satisfaction


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The Ultra Versatile 12-in-1 Professional USB-C Hub

  • Transmit and enjoy 4K media & streaming from your MacBook Pro/laptop to TVs
  • Sync data & transfer huge files via 4 x USB 3.0 ports with immense speed of up to 5GBPS.
  • Provide instant Internet access with 10/100/1000 Mbps super fast Gigabit Ethernet.
  • Read and access files from micro SD cards (SD Cards) and use micro SD cards (SD Cards) of up to 512 GB.
  • Enjoy your Nintendo Switch game with HD quality in each frame.


Additionally, with its sleek and compact body, you can easily store it in your laptop bag and take it with you wherever you go. Its superior body also gives you options to use it as a stand for work, presentation and similar tasks.

The Ultra Versatile 12-in-1 Professional USB-C Hub

Listen to music with the classic 3.5mm cable

Listen to music on your favorite headphones with the 3.5mm jack. Don’t miss this opportunity, as 90%+ of the competitor’s 12-in-1 ports don’t have a classic headphone jack.

Listen to music with the classic 3.5mm cable

Enjoy super-fast ports! These ports are all you need

These ports are all you need for flawless data transfer and management. Regardless of whether you want to transfer data from USB or via micro SD cards (SD cards), you can easily do that using ultra fast 4 x USB 3.0 ports and micro SD card readers!

 Enjoy super-fast ports! These ports are all you need

Wide compatibility with Mac OS, Windows & Linux

This all-in-one USB-C hub is widely compatible with Mac OS, Windows & Linux computer devices, which are based on USB-C outputs (especially MacBook Pro 2016 or later).

Wide compatibility with Mac OS, Windows & Linux


  • Mini DP Port – Resolution is 4K 30Hz
  • HDMI Port – Resolution is 4K 30Hz
  • VGA Port – Resolution is 1080p 60Hz
  • PD Port – Supports charging. Does not support data transfer. Wall charger to the computer (the max input is 100W). From MacBook output (the max output is 5V/2A)
  • 4 USB 3.0 Ports – Transfer rate is 5Gbps. Output is 900mA. Can work with 4 USB flash disk. Can work with 1 hard disk + 3 USB flash disk
  • RJ 45 Port – Speed is 1000/100/10Mbps
  • Audio Port – Voice 3.5AXU
  • Card Reader – Both Micro and SD ports can work simultaneously. Max card reading capacity is 512 Gb. Both Micro and SD are 3.0. Transfer rate is 5Gbps

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This hub looks as if I put another laptop nearby. This is definitely not a portable device.The cord is strong, the ports are at a convenient distance: not too close to each other. Since this is something like a multi-device card, it is very important to provide the ability to put in cords and cables with connectors of different widths, and so this hub does.It does not heat up during use. It keeps the speed of a terabyte hard drive well (my old hub had a problem with this - when connecting, the download speed of files decreased).Overall there are no issues about this device, so far I like everything.



30hz 4K really sucks, but they do warn you of this.



I love how convenient this product is that its small but has everything I use on a daily basis. Great quality after using it a few weeks now im really enjoying the product.



I move my laptop all the time between work, home office, clients and this is a useful hub. would be great to have USB-c for data transfer too but I like it has all the other ports. looks durable and stylish.

Amazon Customer


This unit is designed nicely and really works as a port bar, attaching a dozen different peripherals and sitting neatly beneath the rear of the laptop. This has the added benefit of raising up the rear of the laptop, making keyboard use more comfortable. Most smaller dongle type port extenders aren’t designed this way.I use it for a MacBook Air in the gunmetal finish. The port bar finish is attractive and closely matches that of the MacBook. The jacks and dongle are sturdy and flush, fitting all connections tightly. In fact, the thunderbolt dongle doesn’t just plug into the Mac port but actually snaps in, confirming the connection with a tactile response.The only problem is that power drains quickly from the Mac battery when I have two 24 inch screens, an external drive, a webcam, and an external keyboard connected. The 30 W power brick that comes with the MacBook Air does not provide sufficient power to drive both the computer and all the peripherals through the TBI port bar. So the battery on the Mac drained out completely within a day and the computer shut down, unable to restart. I had to purchase a 67-watt MacBook power brick to adequately supply power through the port bar. This really should be noted in the instructions and sales material to be fair to the consumer.Another thing to know is that on a MacBook the port bar will only allow you to run two external monitors “mirrored”, i.e., duplicated. You need to use a separate dongle attached to the other Mac-Book thunderbolt port to extend your screen to a second external monitor.Otherwise, this is an excellent product & value and after researching extensively, this was the best deal I could find.



this helps me a lot with my computer, I always lack the usb aperture in my laptop. Now this problem is solved.

David Hayden


Don't expect high quality feel or performance.Read the small print this device doesn't really support multi screen set ups.

Gulf Coast Swimmer


I was very happy with this investment. The laptop has a bit of a problem staying tilted up on the rubber feet they provide, but even that's a good idea. One of the more expensive options, but if you need this port variety, it's versatile. You can run it off the laptop's batteries, or use your laptop's power supply plugged in to the laptop or the dock. All work. I've used HDMI or VGA or the displayport adapter, along with Ethernet, and all 3 USB ports and all combinations work. I had a USB card reader, so I've not stress-tested those yet but that wasn't my main motivation for the dock. Solid design and matches the laptop, very light and themain cable to connect to your laptop has a good stress relief and looks like itwill last. I just throw it in my backpack with my power supply.

David b.k


I use it as my primary dock station.I connect two screens, LAN, and all the USB that I need.Moreover, it supports PD (Power Delivery), so I don't need to connect any other cable.



I am super happy with this purchase. it eliminated the issue with the limited number of available ports. now I can multitask.


Product Dimensions 11 x 3.2 x 0.8 inches
Item Weight 4.5 ounces
Shipping Weight 4.5 ounces


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