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5 Reasons You Need an Ultrasonic Humidifier

Indoor humidity is a much more important aspect of our lives than we can imagine. In fact, we only begin to think about it when the problems typical for dry air begin: coughing, dry skin, and itching in the throat. To prevent a problem and not to mess with its consequences, you just need to choose the right tool.

An ultrasonic humidifier is needed not only in winter when the time comes for dry air. A humidity level above 40% prevents the spread of various malicious viruses in any season. But this is not all the reasons why you should pay attention to this device.

Ultrasonic Humidifier Operation Principles

Why ultrasonic? The point is the principle of creating mist: for this, the sound vibration of a special metal diaphragm is used, literally pushing life-giving moisture into the air. This type of water mist is extremely shallow and immediately permeates the air. The absence of a fan makes the operation of this humidifier very quiet, so that it can easily be left on for the night, even in a child’s room.

An important feature of ultrasonic humidifiers: because they do not boil water, mist they produce contains all the substances and minerals that were contained in the water poured into the tank. Therefore, it is recommended to use purified distilled water for such devices: it will prevent the formation of white dust, which can settle on nearby objects. Clean water also protects the water tank from plaque and mold.

Are There Any Disadvantages In Using A Humidifier?

More likely not, if you use and maintain the device correctly. You need to follow the instructions and clean the humidifier in time: this is enough to ensure its effective operation.

Also, make sure that the level of moisture does not exceed the norm. This is less than 60% in warm seasons and within 40% in cold seasons. Modern humidifiers offer advanced settings to set the desired humidity, so you won’t have any problems with this.

Why You Need an Ultrasonic Humidifier

1. Health Improvement

The correct level of humidity helps get rid of irritation of the mucous membranes of the nose and throat, reduces the likelihood of viruses spreading in the air, and helps to avoid coughing, flu and influenza. Using a moisturizer, you will also notice a decrease in nosebleeds.

2. Helping Skin and Hair

Moist air has a beneficial effect on the skin and hair condition and greatly facilitates the life of allergy sufferers. If in winter you often use heating devices, then a humidifier is absolutely necessary in order to restore water balance in the air in the room and preserve the beauty of the skin and hair.

3. Snoring Reduction

Few people know that the problem of snoring directly depends on air humidity. Dry air does not provide adequate lubrication of the respiratory tract during sleep and this may aggravate the situation. Using a humidifier can certainly alleviate the main symptoms of the problem.

4. Noticeable Winter Savings

If you take care of the right level of humidification in the winter months, you will notice that moistened air feels much warmer than dry air. This will help you save on the use of heating appliances.

5. Home Benefits

The device benefits not only people. You will notice that it has become much easier for you to take care of hygrophilous plants, as they will not suffer from dry air. Wood surfaces and furniture will also benefit from properly moistened air and last much longer. In the end, humidity helps to avoid cracking wallpapers and the accumulation of static electricity.

While you are considering whether you need the ultrasonic humidifier, other people are already enjoying all its benefits. Keep up with them: having tried it once, you can no longer do without it.


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