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What You Need to Know About Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

Why is it important to keep a house safe from vermin? It’s not just that bugs can ruin your crop, and mice or rats can easily bite through bags or any useful garden utensils that are kept in the barn. All these guys can also be carriers of dangerous diseases, and this is one of the first reasons why you should try to prevent the threat of their invasion as early as possible.


Chances are, you’ve already tried certain methods of fighting pest, like traps etc. But what will several traps do against an entire army of vermin? We are ready to share important information: you can get rid of unwanted guests with just one device. Incredible, but true.


One small device that saves you from annoying species in a humane way without poisons and remains. What is a pest repeller and is it really that good?


Ultrasonic pest repellers are special devices that use ultrasonic waves to get rid of different types of vermin. Ultrasonic sound means waves with a frequency of not less than 20,000 Hz, almost indistinguishable to the human ear. However, these waves are perfectly felt by species shamelessly invading your house.

How Does Ultrasound Affect Pests?

More sensitive to high-frequency sounds, when getting into the ultrasonic pest device coverage area, rodents feel anxiety and convulsions, which can lead to death if the pest does not leave the coverage area in time. Often this is exactly what happens vermin leave in search of a more favorable environment.

Pets: Is Ultrasonic Pest Repeller Dangerous For Them?

Pets are not pests: nothing threatens cats and dogs. However, some models may have effects on other domesticated animals, such as rabbits or hamsters. Therefore, be sure to study all the information about the device and the rodents which it affects before buying.

Main Advantages of Ultrasonic Pest Repellers

With virtually no flaws, this device is an excellent alternative to other more toxic pest control methods. Let’s outline its main pros:


  1. Cleanliness and safety. There is no need to use poisons or traps, which can be really dangerous for pets and even children.
  2. Human impact. The device does not kill the rodents, but makes them escape from the unpleasant sensations that are superimposed on them by ultrasonic waves.
  3. Affordable price and low power consumption. Once you have invested no more than $ 100 in this device, you will not need to add anything: it will work effectively for a long time.
  4. Variety of vermin sensitive to exposure. While traps or poisons usually target only one pest, the ultrasonic repeller works with a large list of uninvited guests.

With many options for such devices on the market, it’s important not to come across a poorly crafted item. This definitely won’t happen with the ultrasonic pest repeller from TBI Pro: here, each device is thoroughly tested and verified before getting into production. A huge exposure area of 2,000 square feet and a triple impact of ultrasound, electromagnetic waves and negative ions not only drive away the pests, but also purify the air. With it you can be calm: no vermin will be able to pass!

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How to choose pest repellent?

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