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Bluetooth does not charge

How to restore factory setting if L and R earbuds are not pairing:

1) take the earbuds out from the charging case, one of the earbuds flashes purple, and the other one flashes blue and red light alternately, that means they're not pairing.

2) press the L and R earbuds for about 5 seconds to turn them off. In the off status, long press L and R earbuds for about 20 seconds, the earbuds will start to restore to factory settings.

3) after 20 seconds, put L and R earbuds back into the charging case and take them out of the charging case again.They will start auto pairing and only one earbud will be flashing blue and red lights alternately if the pairing is successful.The other one will not blink.

Note: before connecting to your phone, please delete your previous pairing records between earbuds and your mobile phone after restoring earbuds to factory settings.

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