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Has your dog behaved the way you always wanted?

This high-quality dog shock collar provides a customizable training experience to help both expert trainers and new pet owners. Your small puppy or adult dog will definitely behave the way you want with effective beeps, vibrations or small shocks (in case of emergency).

STOP spending hundreds of dollars on ineffective dog trainers.

STOP wasting time and money on cheap shock dog collars with remotes that don’t help!

Say YES to the amazing remote training collar with super easy control, waterproof capabilities, a huge screen & incredible customization!

Has your dog behaved the way you always wanted?

Exquisite control with a huge LCD screen & separate buttons

Make use of 4 modes including beep, vibration and shock. The vibration and shock modes have levels ranging from 1-100 for personalized training. Find the level your dog responds the best to and stick to it.

Super long reach

Our advanced antenna design can reach ranges up to 1500 feet.

Comfortable to hold

Ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold and easy to control with large separate buttons.

Perfect Dog Training Collar with the Remote to train your pet!

Exquisite control with a huge LCD screen & separate buttons
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The best eco-leather multifunctional collar for your dog's comfort

It fits for 10-100 lbs dogs. The proper fit is necessary for effective training and best control.

How to fit it properly?

  • Make sure the collar is turned off.
  • Have your pet standing comfortably.
  • Place the collar receiver on your pet’s neck.
  • Make sure the contact points touch the skin on your pet’s neck.
  • The collar should fit tightly, but loose enough that two fingers fit between the strap and your pet's neck.

Additional tips for effective training:

  • You can choose channel 1 or channel 2 to pair the remote and device. The system can pair 2 receivers at the same time.
  • Use beep mode to improve walking and leash training (recommended for beginners).
  • Use vibration mode to correct barking and disobedience (pre-test to find the appropriate level)
  • Use shock mode in emergencies only (pre-test to find the appropriate level)
The best eco-leather multifunctional collar for your dog's comfort

Durable, lightweight & waterproof

Thanks to an improved premium design using high-quality materials, you will surely use the remote transmitter and receiver collar for many years. The collar is completely waterproof!

Fast simultaneous charging. Charge both the collar and the receiver with 1 charger at the same time. Double fast charging!

When to recharge?

Remote Transmitter: the low battery symbol will appear at the bottom of the LCD screen. Collar Receiver: the blue LED indicator will blink quickly when the power is low.

Charging takes up to 2 hours. Both LED indicators on the remote and receiver will be slowly blinking when charging.

Fully charged indicators:

Remote Transmitter: the red LED will become solid.

Collar Receiver: the blue LED will become solid.

Enjoy long-battery life and fast charging!

Durable, lightweight & waterproof

Cautions for proper use

Fully charge before first use. The remote transmitter is NOT waterproof.

The max amount of time you can deliver the Vibration or Static Shock to you dog continuously is 10 seconds. Never attach a leash to the collar receiver. Remember the following rules:

  1. Make sure the collar is NOT TOO TIGHT – two fingers must fit between the collar belt and your dog’s neck.
  2. If possible, REPOSITION the collar on the pet's neck every 1-2 HOURS, it will prevent the skin from damage.
  3. When using the shock mode, start from the LOWEST LEVEL OF SHOCK and look at your dog’s reaction. If your pet becomes uncomfortable, STOP USING the collar immediately.
  4. The collar SHOULD NOT BE WORN longer than 12 HOURS – it may cause SKIN IRRITATION.
  5. EXAMINE the neck area of your dog DAILY to ensure the absence of rash and redness.
  6. WASH the dog’s neck area and the contacts of the collar weekly with a damp cloth.
  7. In case of irritation and redness, DO NOT USE the collar for at least 48 HOURS and be ready to turn to your veterinarian if the condition persists longer than two days.
Cautions for proper use

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i love the collar great product.

Douglas Anderson


The digital lights could be better

Chris Coomes


Easy to use

Dena G.


So far so good, strong vibration and the mild shock through the silicone covers are pretty benign when I test it on my hand (could feel it noticeably at 10-12 but was milder than getting shocked by the door knob). I'm really only planning on using the vibrations for the most part.Still a bit early to know just how long the battery life really is but it's going strong since I got it.Controller led display is a bit fuzzy behind the matte screen but visible due to large font.Collar options are a plus.

jeffrey justice


The collar doesn't not deliver the shock. Period. I have a beagle with shorter hair and even with the long prongs and collar tight it didn't work most of the time. Hardly, if any , effect even at high shock settings. The shock is there, you can feel it on your skin but is completely blocked by the slightest interference-- like dog fur. Everything else was great- the beep, the buzzer. But that isn't what i needed. Price was right but cheaper just doesn't cut it sometimes. Customer service was marginal. First call they had no idea about the 2 year warranty that was clearly offered. Second call about the problem the foreign accent was so strong I really could not understand her.



I like that this product is fully waterproof. A previous one I had was damaged when my dog went swimming. It also claimed to be waterproof.



Works ok but the shock feature doesn’t work



This product malfunctioned and started to beep, vibrate, and shock my dog randomly. The remote was off. Had to quickly get it off my dog.

Ashley Smith


Only used this product for about 10 mins a day and kept it charged as the instructions said to. After 2 months it just stopped working. Comes on for about 30 seconds and then shuts off.

Not too happy


Came exactly as described but shock button only worked once


Color Black
Item Dimensions 6.5 x 2.3 x 1 in
Item Weight 12 ounces
Size 7-150 LBS


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