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Are you ready to meet advanced LED strip lights that will satisfy all your technical and decoration requirements?


The TBI Pro professional engineering team focuses on the creation of modern decorative products, taking into account technological achievements and user experience. Thanks to the successful combination of these two factors, TBI Pro has engineered LED strip lights, freed from all the shortcomings of similar products.

Get ready for a fresh decorative experience!

Are you ready to meet advanced LED strip lights that will satisfy all your technical and decoration requirements?
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What are the features of new LED strip lights?

  • Universal length. Two (or one, depending on set you have) spools of 16.4 feet are enough to decorate all the desired rooms, facilities and even exterior elements.
  • Improved adhesive formula. The modern adhesive formula was developed taking into account home surfaces that are most often used to place LED strip. Due to this, the risk of sudden unsticking of LED strip lights is completely eliminated.
  • Advanced brightness and power saving. Thanks to the introduction of modern developments into the LED strip production, bright and saturated colors of LEDs harmoniously coexist with 93% energy saving.
  • Extended run time. The modern generation of LED lamps with advanced heat dissipation allows creating LED strips that can easily serve more than 50,000 hours. Low heat makes the strip completely safe to touch.
  • Waterproof decoration for exterior. IP65 rating protects the strip from moisture penetration and makes it possible to place it even outside the house – the weather will not be able to spoil your party!
  • Strip length: 16.4FT/5M
  • LED Quantity: 300 LEDs (30LED/m)
  • LED type: SMD 5050
  • Beam angle: 120°
  • Input voltage: 12V DC
  • Lifespan: over 50 000 hrs
  • Power: 0.2w/led; 60w/300 LEDs
  • Working Current/5 Meter: 5A
  • Working Temperature: -20°C to 50°C
  • Protection Rate: Waterproof IP65


What are the features of new LED strip lights?

Universal Range of Applications

LED strip is not only decoration of rooms and facades. Any place of your house is suitable: stairs, tables, chairs, baseboard, etc. It can be used as additional lighting in the cabinet or bookcase, thereby simplifying the search and selection of the right clothes or books.

You can attach the strip to the back of the TV and provide additional atmospheric lighting when watching a movie or playing video games. Fearlessly decorate your garden, roof and yard – the tape is waterproof.

Regardless of whether you just want to decorate your room or create a special atmosphere for a holiday, party or meeting, the LED strip will help create an unforgettable color mood. Choose your favorite colors, adjust their brightness, intensity and operation modes (static, fade and flash) and enjoy the incredible transformation of your home.

The 44-key remote control gives virtually unlimited possibilities for adjusting LEDs from a dimmed nightlight to a bright party flashing.

Universal Range of Applications

RGB Color

Feel free to bend the slim and compact strip and stick it to any flat or angular surfaces of your home in separate parts or continuous rows. A special advantage is the ability to cut the strip every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks with no risk of damaging the rest of the LEDs: this provides even more flexibility for applying the strip.

You can choose one of 20 standard colors or create your own using the DIY button: 300 powerful LEDs and 16 million possible shades of different brightness and saturation are at your disposal.

RGB Color

Easy installation

Easy installation

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Lasharon Crudup


 I really like these lights I got them for my sons room and they really make his room look really cool will be purchasing another set

Brando G.


I ordered this item a total of three times and have been using them a bit over a month now. Needless to say, this is a great product!Pros:-The adhesive is great and I had no issue with it. I have it going up door trim and even on the ceiling in a couple places and the strips have not shown any signs of falling off.-Bright lights with many different color options and patterns. Along with its dimming feature, you have a lot of control over the lights.-Easy to use remote, though it seems some buttons go unused. However, it does not affect ease of use. Battery is included. The buttons work as intended.(As you can probably assume, you can definitely use one remote to control all of your light strips if you order multiple sets)-Instructions in the box are easy to follow-LED strips don't bend easily. (This may be a con to some depending on your intended use but for me, this adds to the durability of the strips)Con:The first con I can think of has to do with the remote and the receiver. They both work great. However, be aware that depending on what other devices you have in the room, it may cause some interference due to it needing just a generic signal. For example, I have a Yamaha sound bar that has its own remote. When I use the remote to adjust the volume on my sound bar, the LED strip receiver would pick up a signal and change the color randomly, so keep in mind where you place the receiver.-Power supply and receiver feel more on the cheaper side, they do their job though and have not caused any issues.-The power supply is similar to a laptop charger with a brick portion that needs to be plugged in to on both sides. This hinders some of the placement ideas I had for the lights because otherwise you would have this cable hanging down to be plugged in that would need to be hidden and the weight of the box may pull down on the strip causing it to fall off, so plan out your placement of the lights to consider this.-You have to really aim the remote right at the little antenna sticking out for it to receive a signalThings to keep in mind regarding these lights:-These lights do not have a music sync feature-These lights do not have smart device integration built in (Alexa, Google Home, phone app control, etc.). Of course you can always get a smart plug to remedy this easily. The lights will turn back on using the last color or pattern you had running when you turned them off.You may not get these features in these lights but I think its a worth trade-off because as I mentioned before, these are high quality lights. They are not flimsy and very well made. They have a tiny bit of thickness to them and this will help protect the LEDs themselves from any minor damage that may occur if stepped on, twisted, or if lighter objects happen to fall on it.One thing I noticed during installation:-I found that sometimes when I first powered on these lights, they were very dim. I found that if you pull out the pins from the power cable that were previously plugged in and flip them around, it works perfect. So don't think that anything is wrong with them at first, try some power cable troubleshooting. I didn't see this in the instructions as a note or warning to look out for so keep this in mind with these lights.Overall, I would recommend these to anyone looking for great quality LED strips. Over the last month of using three sets of these, they all have provided consistent functionality and the adhesive is just as strong as it was on day one. If I need any more LED lights, I am ordering more of these.

Amazon Customer


Loved the brightness and how easy it was to install

Terri B. Clark


The lights worked exactly as promised. I successfully ran them around the bottom of my bed frame and the corner of the baseboard near my bed without any problems. The brightness is good and the adhesive has worked swimmingly so far. If you're looking for this type of product, these will get the job done!



Lights are great quality

Mike Wilson


Got this set and loved it! Perfect for what I needed! Very happy with whole experience and product.

Y. F.


Works well and adhesive quality good. Remote easy enough to figure out. Not as bright as I wanted in white light mode. Think it would be great as a mood light around entertainment system. However may need to go elsewhere if looking for an undercabinet lighting solution.



I like everything about them I used them for my patio



Great product at a fantastic price. You won’t be disappointed.

Jared Buzinski


I love these lights!


Package Dimensions 6.9 x 6.5 x 2.3 inches
Item Weight 1.7 pounds
Shipping Weight 1.7 pounds
Item model number light


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