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Are you ready to meet advanced LED strip lights that will satisfy all your technical and decoration requirements?

The TBI Pro professional engineering team focuses on the creation of modern decorative products, taking into account technological achievements and user experience. Thanks to the successful combination of these two factors, TBI Pro has engineered LED strip lights, freed from all the shortcomings of similar products.

Get ready for a fresh decorative experience!

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What are the features of new LED strip lights?

  • Universal length. Two (or one, depending on set you have) spools of 16.4 feet are enough to decorate all the desired rooms, facilities and even exterior elements.
  • Improved adhesive formula. The modern adhesive formula was developed taking into account home surfaces that are most often used to place LED strip. Due to this, the risk of sudden unsticking of LED strip lights is completely eliminated.
  • Advanced brightness and power saving. Thanks to the introduction of modern developments into the LED strip production, bright and saturated colors of LEDs harmoniously coexist with 93% energy saving.
  • Extended run time. The modern generation of LED lamps with advanced heat dissipation allows creating LED strips that can easily serve more than 50,000 hours. Low heat makes the strip completely safe to touch.
  • Waterproof decoration for exterior. IP65 rating protects the strip from moisture penetration and makes it possible to place it even outside the house – the weather will not be able to spoil your party!
  • Strip length: 16.4FT/5M
  • LED Quantity: 300 LEDs (30LED/m)
  • LED type: SMD 5050
  • Beam angle: 120°
  • Input voltage: 12V DC
  • Lifespan: over 50 000 hrs
  • Power: 0.2w/led; 60w/300 LEDs
  • Working Current/5 Meter: 5A
  • Working Temperature: -20°C to 50°C
  • Protection Rate: Waterproof IP65
What are the features of new LED strip lights?

Universal Range of Applications

LED strip is not only decoration of rooms and facades. Any place of your house is suitable: stairs, tables, chairs, baseboard, etc. It can be used as additional lighting in the cabinet or bookcase, thereby simplifying the search and selection of the right clothes or books.

You can attach the strip to the back of the TV and provide additional atmospheric lighting when watching a movie or playing video games. Fearlessly decorate your garden, roof and yard – the tape is waterproof.

Universal Range of Applications

Regardless of whether you just want to decorate your room or create a special atmosphere for a holiday, party or meeting, the LED strip will help create an unforgettable color mood. Choose your favorite colors, adjust their brightness, intensity and operation modes (static, fade and flash) and enjoy the incredible transformation of your home.

The 44-key remote control gives virtually unlimited possibilities for adjusting LEDs from a dimmed nightlight to a bright party flashing.

Feel free to bend the slim and compact strip and stick it to any flat or angular surfaces of your home in separate parts or continuous rows. A special advantage is the ability to cut the strip every 3 LEDs along the cutting marks with no risk of damaging the rest of the LEDs: this provides even more flexibility for applying the strip.

You can choose one of 20 standard colors or create your own using the DIY button: 300 powerful LEDs and 16 million possible shades of different brightness and saturation are at your disposal.

Having carefully studied the problem of attaching LED strips, TBI Pro has come to the conclusion that it is necessary to use another, more adhesive back material to ensure proper stickiness. Therefore, the choice was made in favor of a modern 3M tape.

This is an easy-to-use, but incredibly strong and sticky tape that provides a solid hold. An improved adhesive formula will save you from the hassle of constantly monitoring the unsticking parts of the tape – what is glued may never fall.


Item Weight 1.16 pounds
Package Dimensions 6.9 x 6.5 x 2.6 inches
Number of Lights 300
Voltage 24 volts


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