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Standing guard of home comfort and a healthy atmosphere, TBI Pro has created a modern ultrasonic humidifier that combines maximum ease of use and exceptional efficiency. Take advantage of the powerful and long-lasting mist that moisturizes the dry air in your room, relieves you of coughing and allergies, improves sleep quality, has a positive effect on the skin condition and allows you to fully relax, getting a lungful of fresh air.


  • A 6 liter humidifier capacity makes it easy to cover a 750 sq. ft area and provides high-quality and even humidification. This is an excellent humidifier for large rooms, which will perfectly fulfill its humidification task.
  • 3 mist level settings to switch between low, medium, and high output make it easy to adjust the mist speed to your preference and provide free breathing.

  • A special high-performance filter for decarbonizing water prevents the salts contained in tap water from spreading around the room. Inhale fresh air without impurities and improve your health.
  • Focused on maintaining indoor humidity levels of 40-60%, the cool mist humidifier helps reduce the survival of influenza viruses on surfaces and in the air.
  • Special sleep mode makes this device one of the most suitable humidifiers for bedroom and nursery. It works with minimal noise (less than 30 dB) and only the speed indicator lights up. This provides you and your kids with a calm and healthy sleep with optimal level of humidification. Forget about coughing, allergies, and dry skin: the humidifier for bedroom can easily solve all these problems by keeping humidity above 43%.
  • Convenient timer gives the possibility to configure the humidifier for a specified time (in hours) and automatically turns it off when this period ends.

The informative and clear LED display of the humidifier greatly facilitates its operation, showing the level of humidity in the room, mist level and current status of temperature, water and night mode. This large humidifier for home provides high efficiency with extremely low power consumption.

This ultrasonic humidifier also has convenient touch control carried out with a gentle movement of the fingers. The kit includes remote control, so you can change the modes of operation without rising from the bed.

Featuring a 6 liter (1.6 gallon) tank, the high output and large capacity humidifier is capable of covering rooms of up to 750 sq. ft and runs for 2 days without adding water! It is truly a whole house humidifier, which will finally solve the problem of dry air.

Thanks to 3 times more water storage than in alternative models, the top fill humidifier is able to work without disturbing you for up to 2 days, and the indicator of the amount of water will always tell you when it is necessary to replenish its quantity.

Top filling water tank is easy to fill right from above using a tap or a jug of water. You no longer need to turn the device over and get the water tank with great difficulty, just remove the lid and directly add water through the large opening top of the humidifier.

One full tank safely humidifies the air for 2 days. Unlike alternative large room humidifiers, this device is extremely easy to maintain and care: it is an easy to clean humidifier with top fill design and intuitive interface. You will understand its functionality even if you purchase an ultrasonic humidifier for the first time in your life.

  • 360 degree nozzle allows you to adjust the direction of the mist and provide uniform humidification of the entire room.
  • The special technology of water dispersion turns it into a fine mist, which spreads over a larger area in a shorter time without the risk of wet spots on the surface.


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